Activating WPBakery Visual Composer - js_composer on Shopkeeper crashes site

Shopkeeper theme package loads and installs fine. During plugin activation site crashes showing a fatal error. When I delete js_composer from FTP it returns everything back. However without js_composer activated I cannot edit theme within wordpress making it useless.

By how quick it reverts back when I start to delete from ftp tells me its something within the first few files in the code

Anyone have any experience with this?

Considering that Visual Composer by itself sold well over 100K licenses, it is unlikely that there are code issues with Visual Composer, as it is simply to widespread in its usage.

You should check whether your server fulfills all minimum requirements, particular when it comes to PHP memory allocated to your site. You should also temporarily deactivate all other plugins on your system and just activate your theme and Visual Composer, to see if that makes a difference. After that, you can step-by-step activate all other plugins in order to see, if there might be a conflict between VC and one of your other plugins.

Because VC comes bundled with your theme, it is guaranteed to work with the theme, so there shouldn’t be any conflicts there. But my first guess of the issue would be insufficient PHP memory or an outdated PHP version on your server.

Did both set memory and reinstalled with all other plugins deactivated and it works now.Thank you!