Activate shopkeeper theme issues

hi, i purchase shopkeeper theme, install it, and everything goes well since i want to activate the updates.
When im trying to conect teh envato account i receive an error on 1 laptop with won 7, chrome update: 403 forbidden. you do not have permission to acces this document.

in other laptop with win vista, and outdated chrome, i try to activate the theme, go to activate updates, click on connect envato account, and get this error: cant acces this site. an url, and the this line: ERR_SPDY_INADEQUATE_TRANSPORT_SECURITY

also, i bought bookly plugin and i can update the plugin fine, with the purchase code.

I dont know how or why i cant activate the shopkeeper theme, or connect to the envato account via theme update.

i try downloading the envato market plugin, generate the api, but still cant enable the theme updates, or activate the theme.

thanks a lot.

Hi @marianoginochio,

I think you should report the problem to theme author, please go to purchased theme page and use either “Support” or “Comments” section:


hi luka actually right now i can activate the updates.
i think that might be beacuse some operating system issues, i tried on 2
laptos, and now on my pc and can activate at the first time.

i have another issue with visual composer, the responsive options not show
the icon of the device. i tried uploading the pngs mannually again via ftp,
but its seems to be a problem with the version.

thanks a lot anyway

Hi im having issues with de customize panel, it only show me the widgets panel to customize, i cant change anything. i cant even get support with the theme page, i cant access the web.

Can you tell me how can i restore the customize panel to edit the theme?

Thank you.

Hi @marianoginochio!

As @LucaThemesCom pointed out a few months ago, you should contact the author of the theme (by clicking the “Support” tab at the top of the item’s page). Sadly, we don’t know anything about your theme here.

Just to reiterate, here’s the support page for the Shopkeeper theme:

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