Activate License

I can not activate the license. I have enter username, API Keys, and License Code. But it is invalid. How can i activate it?


Can you be a little more specific with what you mean. Are you logging into someones support page or are you developing something with the Envato API etc. ?


i have purchased a template from Envato with Regular License. Now, i am trying to activate the license according to license and purchase code and generated API Keys from my account in Envato.

But i have found a trouble when enter the license code and API’s Key. It said that my license code is invalid. I am confuse which code is invalid here.


Are you sure you are using the correct license key ? ( Please give a look to this article: )
If it still doesn’t work, I will suggest to contact the author, he/she will probably be happy to help you out.

Hope this helps you out.

Yes i have looked to that article to find a solution. It still can work. here i attach the website says.
Invalid data. Check your information or open support ticket at