Activate Envato Market plugin so I can upload Filebird updates directly in WP

I activated the Envato Market plugin and got a token, but it doesn’t show Filebird plugin, just WP Pinterest Automatic plugin. And when I try to insert the purchase code for filebird under “Add Envato Item” that I purchased with CodeCanyon, it doesn’t work. This is very confusing. How do I get Filebird to show up on Plugin pages under Envato Market WP plugin, plus how can I update Filebird using this Envato Market WP plugin? What have I done wrong? Please advise or give me the exact steps. Thanks for any help you can provide.

PS I seem to have two logins to codecanyon & forum…one that show the Pinterest plugin, and the other login that shows the Filebird plugin purchased. Don’t know how I did that.

Hi @anon29115921 ,

You don’t need Envato plugin to have auto updates for FileBird. We added the function into the latest version. It’s here, you can try now.

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Hi @anon29115921,

The problem is what you describe in the last sentence – you have two logins. An API token is only valid for a single account, so if your accounts are spread across two accounts then the API (and the Envato Market Plugin) will only ever see one at a time. You may want to open a support ticket and ask if they can help you merge your accounts or transfer one purchase to the other account.

I opened a ticket with my request to move Pinterest plugin from this account to my other account. Then close this SLBen account. Thanks.