actions in hand drawn

can not get action to run in ps 3

Do you mean Ps 3 as in the version from the 1990s?

Sorry I have CS3 AND CS4 can not get action to run,brushes loaded,action loaded.

You will struggle to get modern actions to work on very old version of PS - a lot has changed since PS 3 and 4

Items list the ‘Minimum Adobe CS Version’ in the info on the left of the item page

You could try talking to the author but I imagine that there will be issues with most actions and versions that old

Got it to run,cleared CS on start up got one error (could not delete ) ?I understand old version.

Upgraded to PS CC,still getting can not delete message (hand draw) thank you.

Best way is contact author if you issue with action, nobody can help you here because most actions is work on different way.
Send to the author description in detail what kind of problem you have or send screenshot with issue, explain which version photoshop you are using, what action it is about etc…

In what language is your Photoshop?