Acoustic guitar / piano track rejected, but why?

Any ideas why this one isn’t up to quality standards? Thanks y’all!

It sounds like a demo, the piano sounds improvised and the strings are not good.

The piano is improvised. What’s wrong with the strings?


Too much improvisation for commercial music.
This link with some tips might be helpful:

Good luck!

Bad piano playing.

Yeah, unfortunately the production just isn’t there. The guitar sounds rather cheap, slightly out of tune, and the room on it is cold and unpleasant. In addition, the track does not have a consistent build, structure, dynamics, it’s more like an improvised session. Back to the drawing board - good luck!

To me, improvisation is not too bad for commercial music. We are all tired to hear primitive melodies. But, all improvisations should be built on a strong basement. It could be drum rhythm, harmony layering, bassline. And this must be self-sufficient track without improvisations. Here’s a track with avant-garde jazz sax(real instrument). But, item contains version without it.