Acora - feedback requested for item update

Is this ready for the new Themeforest standards, it was disabled long ago… I fixed it hopefully it will be approved

I think it looks great. Out of interest why did they disable it in the first place?

Some small bug and I could not work I only have 30% left of my lkungs after eight consecutive covid reinfections, I am a mess, not sure how long I have left but I wanted to fix this theme :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that. We actually have several of your items from the past.

Hopefully you are able to recover soon, and in the meantime, the theme looks great.

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I like your theme! It is very unique.
Hope you recover soon and I wish you all the best for new year!

Thank you!

Great theme! Hope you will get the approval :100:

I hope you get well soon and continue the great work you’ve been doing. All the best for this one too!

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After four days I got " Temporarily held for further review, this is not good :slight_smile:

It was approved nothing was mentioned, very wired…

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Thank you.