ACL Plugin for WordPress


Hey anyone knows a good members area plugin for WordPress, paid or free? Working on a project and the client needs to have a category and a few pages that only members can access… Any suggestions?


Here’s a list with some.

There are some other great plugins too, I’ll dig more :slight_smile:


A few months ago I had to compare membership software for a client and ended up going with Wishlist Member (paid) and I’ve been very satisfied!


What do you think about -

gabre said

What do you think about -

Why are you asking what other people think? You should know what your client wants better than anyone here, and you should choose the right plugin based on the features that are most suited for him.

gabre said

What do you think about -

I’ve actually used that on a client site and it works pretty well. I especially love the Google First Click Free option, which is really useful on my client’s site.


aMember is good. Has affiliates built in too.



Do check out (DAP) as part of your researching membership plugins for wordpress.

It has an incredible number of features - like built-in content dripping, shopping cart, affiliate module, email autoresponders and broadcasts - great support, extremely well maintained, and lots of favorable reviews too :slight_smile:


Ravi Jayagopal
PS: Full disclosure: I’m the founder/co-developer of DAP.


Why even mess with a plugin?

A conditional in the loop and a metabox with a checkbox (show post to members only) will git r’ done.



You’re right. If all you want is something absolutely minimal, then that might work.

But having worked with clients for many years, I know one thing: It always starts with “Oh, we just want something very basic” :slight_smile:

Next thing you know, they want to know how to accept one-off and subscription payments, automate content delivery, special member pages, protect files, broadcast emails, display teaser content for non-members, put login form on sidebar, and on and on and on.

Even without going into advanced membership plugin features like content dripping or upsells, I can tell you so many little things that they’ll start wanting every time you show them something that gives them more ideas.

So, if your needs are really that elementary, then sure, like Christopher said, you can write some WP code and “git 'r done”, like Larry the Cable Guy would say :slight_smile:

But to achieve anything more meaningful, better to look at a proper membership plugin that comes with actual support, as you don’t want your clients calling you in the middle of the night (if they already do, I do empathise with you :-).