Accessibility Results and How to Fix Them checked at

I get results that I have no clue how to locate and fix. Can anyone guide me here?



If you check the website by pasting the web page URL:

  1. click the “Options” link below the “check it” button;
  2. check the checkbox “Show Source”;
  3. click “check it” button.

By doing this, the html source code validated by will be displayed under the report. Clicking the line number on each check result brings you to the line that this check is associated with so you know what this check is referring to.

Also, clicking on the title of each check on the report brings up a pop-up explaining what it means as well as steps and examples that hopefully will help you to fix that failure.

That’s great and somewhat helpful. But the first issue is in the search box which I cannot find to edit. It’s a php file but which one? How would I know? I am using a child theme so I can edit the correct one and place it properly, just don’t know who to find the correct file.