Account reviwer

Hi I’m looking envato blocked account reviwer for review my account

You’d need to ask support although bear in mind that they don’t do this without just reason and almost always email you to explain the situation

Please direct someone who can review my account

Noone in the forums is going to be able to help with this.

You need to follow the link above and submit a request to support who will assign it to the right person to check.

If I please you! Can you give me reviewer datail Name and Last name or who is support team lead how I can contact with support team lead?

Or maybe I’ll try contact with reviewer in here write personal message on envato forum page, or write message here to support team lead

You will get no official response in these forums, and either way they are not going to give out personal employee information.

The only way to speak to the relevant people are by submitting a ticket on this link

I need to talk unofficial

There is no way to find out who disabled the account, nor will they ever discuss matters like this unofficially.

Your only option is to use the links above to talk to envato the correct way.