Account problem

Hi guys !

Bad waking up this morning… My account is locked !!! And i didn’t receive any mail from Envato to explain me why.

I’ve sent a request to the staff (ticket number 364693) and now i’m waiting.

I’m surprised that i didn’t receive any mail from Envato about that. I hope that it can be fixed as soon as possible.

Fast reply from Envato :slight_smile: It seems to be a problem with Skrill. And I don’t use Skrill… Weird…

i need to buy the music motivate urgently! client been reviewing it and video is cut to it.

any way you can help here?

Dear SilverTigerStudios,

I have the same problem as isalapro. I also used the song motivate. Is there anyway how you can help me out. Maybe you can also customize the song