Account of Kenhaui on CodeCanyon is gone

Hello all!
I was working on a project since almost 2 years now, and i’m on the very last line, i’m working with the android’s Template of the author kenhaui, and i was needed one more, but everything is gone O_O
What’s happening ??
I’m in big trouble if i can’t have more acces to his files and this afraid me a little bit (A LOT -___-’)
Thanks in advance for your answer (and yes i have read the first post about account locked but i need a real answer :/)

Authors (or Envato) can remove items form the marketplace anytime. Once you purchase the item, you should download it immediately and create your own backup.

I can’t find an author with that name currently on the marketplace, so either he renamed his account, his account was removed by Envato or you just misspelled it.
So if you sure you got the name right, your only chance is to find the author via google and social platforms and get in touch with him that way.

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Google search suggests that they have closed their account removed their items

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Ok, he finally answer me and say “Don’t know bro :D” but he has change his name to Khai Hoang to KEN Hoang few minutes ago and he give me an other link to his new portfolio who his named BIMBIMNET now, and i have found all “his” Template in other place in the internet, so it’s a thief i’m sure!
What can we do ?
They must closed his new account but he’s going to create a other…

his other alias : Khai Hoang, Ken Hoang, Kenhaui, and now bimbimnet

This is not really an appropriate place for that. I mean if he really was selling stolen code and he is now removed from the marketplace then that is all Envato can do about it. Stuff like that happens.

Try to find original authors of the items you need and buy from them. We can’t really help you with this no more.

I’m trying to find the original Creator of the Template but i can’t find him, but thanks anyway
Have a good day

Then you should share more details about the template if you need some help from this community.

Yes it’s true ^^
I will do it later but in a other topic, thanks for your advices!