Account login does not work! [Solved]

Can’t sign in from January 3rd to today! I first go to the forum, and after that the account (on AJ) is automatically opened! The site does not give any errors,but nothing happens!
When I open Envato’s website and enter my username and password and click “login”, nothing happens!
Please figure it out (this is a problem since January 3, 2021)!

Thank you!

Edit: Solved.



Very much surprised why you didn’t contact support. Please Contact Author Support and let them know. Support Team will be happy to check it for you.


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There were holidays! :smiley: I just got used to first typing a login and password on the forum, and then automatically synchronizing with the Aj account! It is impossible to enter through the Envato website (after clearing the history in the Google browser)! It (Website Envato) just folds and does not give any errors! I’ll write now! Thank you @mgscoder !

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