Account locket for no reason

Hello guys,

I will start with my very bad experience with Envato, or to be more specific with
All started by creating an account in order to do a purchase from videohive. Ive created my account, filled up all the details requested for me and my company in order to do the purchase. Ive added my desired products to cart, completed all my credit card details and right after hitting the payment confirmation button I got locked out of my account.
As the message was saying I did sent a ticket to them and expected the resolution. While I was expecting Ive created another 2 accounts using different device and ip that had the same result: getting locked after Ive tried to do the payment for the products.

I did sent several emails to support but without an explanation my accounts were just locked.

My question would be HOW OR WHAT should I do in order to be able do a purchase on!? Since they just close the door without a reason!?


Sorry to hear you’re having troubles with your account. Please open a Help Ticket or see this detailed thread on what may be happening.


Check your email for spam. I bet there should be confirmation email, which you forgot to click after registering and before you bought anything.

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