Account Locked

Hello. Entering credit card information on your site and buying themes gave a few default payment errors and then my account was locked. I’ve received an answer with you before, but my problem is still not solved. It shouldn’t be that difficult to buy themes on your site … I’d appreciate it if you are interested. good work


Sorry to hear you’re having troubles with your account. Please open a Help ticket and let them know. Also you can see this detailed thread on what may be happening.


I reported it on the support form, but still no solution has been found. Your security measures can discourage even an ethical customer from purchasing themes.

please give them time to get back to you. they will reply as quickly they can and will assist you on this.

Whatever the subject is, I hope it will be resolved soon.

yes the answer came … because they said they decided to close the account. I wanted to buy a theme for my website using my credit card. Where is there wrong with that? I wonder …

in forum we can’t help in this. so please reply them again and get in touch with the support team if they can help you.

They say they will not activate my membership and will not explain the reason. I hope other prospects here see this negative behavior and don’t shop on this site! I’m trying to get service with my money, my account is suspended for a ridiculous reason. are you kidding me?