Account Locked Right After Creation

My Account is locked after creation

Account matters can only be solved by support and they are quick to resolve them, but depending on the volume of tickets they are facing it can be delayed. Use this link -> Envato Market Help and Support to get in touch with Envato Support and they’ll get back to you shortly! Cheers! :slight_smile:

Worst Experience from Envato. After purchase and successful payment my account is locked. Now how I able to download the Purchased theme. If Envato has any issue then why not he block the payment also.
As I already raised a ticket for the same. But no any response or reply till now. In such situation anyone really in huge tension. Envato must have to think about the issue. As I see no any further way to solve the issue hence still waiting for the response from Envato Team.

Hello Bokaro123,

Regarding your issue: did you confirm your email? Did you provide real data when prompted? (real name, email, personal information required for purchase and Envato account)

Regarding the ticket: since how much time did you submit your ticket?

Please allow up to 7 days before complaining about delay. Where I live it’s still Sunday, there is a global pandemic and Envato is managed by people who actually eat, sleep and have a life. Also, there may be many other tickets, so that yours is waiting in a queue. Generally expect a response in 48 hours.


My ticket number is 1846293 & 1846438 (If you see the case then able to understand it).

Now where I share these personal details. (real name, email, personal information required for purchase and Envato account). Please guide me accordingly so that I able to share the personal details.

There are 3 types of users on the forum:

  • Standard users like you and me: we are the normal people here :thinking: :grinning: Standard users can be both customers and authors. I am an author, but I have no power to help you, unless you purchased one of my items. Can only provide advice.
  • Volunteer Community Moderators like @Enabled , who can flag and edit your forum posts, but not help you directly since they can not access the envato system.
  • Envato employees, who will most probably follow standard procedure and answer through ticket when it’s your turn in the queue.

I am not sure if it is a good idea to share these details publicly in the forum.

One thing that you can try is you can contact the author directly. Tell him all of this. Maybe he will provide you with the item files himself, in order to speed up the process. Please note that he is not obliged to do so, he would be doing a favor, so try to be very polite.

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Heya guys! Let me de-escalate the situation!

As a moderator, I cannot access your account information, so I cannot assist more than sending you to Envato Support where the Integrity Team will analyse all data and unlock your account.

The reason this can sometimes happen is because of anti-fraud measures in place to make sure fraudulent payments don’t slip by. The system is highly sensitive, and sometimes can have small false positives, for which we apologise, but the safety of your transactions and purchases, also the earnings the authors make must be taken seriously and treated with high attention!

Everyone needs to be protected in this age of digital frauds. Therefore, don’t worry about your account, it will definitely be reviewed and unlocked in the shortest possible time and Envato does have a dedicated team to handle account matters.

Sorry to see this situation happen in such a critical time for you, but you also have to understand that these reason aren’t in place to make your life harder, but to make everyone’s life safer in this digital payment era!

Cheers! :slight_smile: