Account Locked & Card Charged, Why?

My Account was locked immediately after submitting credit card info for Jupiter 5. I thought it was a glitch, so I created a second account and it too was locked at the exact same moment. I will talk to my CC company about charges, but really need to start this new project this weekend and want to download the purchase.

I submitted a ticket, but no reply…Suggestions?

I’ve just experienced the same thing. Did you ever get your issue resolved?

Did either of you ever get your accounts unlocked? I need to get going on a site and just want to download the theme I paid for. VERY FRUSTRATING.

Nope. Still waiting to hear from them. Something isn’t right here.

Yeah, this is really strange. I did a lot of research before selecting Avada, now I’m looking at Divi and woo. The lack of response is worse than the account lock issue.

Please open a Help Ticket for any account related issues - Envato Help & Support Center.

Out Help team will be happy to investigate for you.