Account locked after trying to purchase themes - support not giving any explanation


I’m trying to buy 2 themes. As soon as I completed the checkout, I received the notification that my account has been locked.

I contacted Envato Support, and got the response “Regrettably, after further investigation, we’re using our discretion and will not be re-enabling your account.”

This is utterly bizarre. I understand if there is some security issue causing an account to be locked, but why would their support provide absolutely no reason for the account being locked?

Has anybody had any similar issues or is there anybody at Envato reading this and able to help?

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welcome to covid-19 envato league… I have not received a response for 5 days. Good thing I bought 1 theme.

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I got another response saying that they can’t tell me why my account got deactivated.

Which probably means the transaction was flagged as fraudulant. There’s no reason I can think of for them to think that, except that I am based in the UK and I’m paying using a UK card. If that’s the case, what a poor system.

I regret so much that I bought a theme from here.I wish I hadn’t. They do not lock the account while receiving payment, they have many excuses when it comes to service. It is best to find a manufacturer from your own country in this business. Imagine you buy a theme and they get paid for it. What do you have right now? A huge zero and a paid credit card statement.

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