Account is locked

After email change my account is locked and the reply I received from Envato sounds like that “we’re using our discretion and will not be re-enabling your account.” Nice, after 5 years and number of themes bought.

this is public forum. Account related issue handle by envao support team, So, you have to sort it out by opening Help ticket and let them know.

Understand that and writing here because support team can’t or don’t want to handle it. I’m shocked.

As far as I know, this only happens when you raise a refund dispute directly to payment providers and not thru envato. When a payment service provider such as paypal refunded your money, the sale made by the author will be reversed without asking permission and that is unfair. That’s why envato is doing such actions to protect the authors.

Please correct me if I’m wrong, I just saw these information a few years ago and I’m not sure if this was already changed.

No, I just changed my email. But closing account after raising a refund dispute must be one of nice features of envato also. Perhaps it is a part of business plan - we erase you, buy your themes once again. And we erase you once more some time after. Anyway it’s awesome, wouldn’t even though such practices do exist.

Why didn’t they lock me out of forum? At least I’m allowed to cry a little :laughing:

@charlie4282 someone needs some clarifications here

The more discretion the better. They definitely need to use more discretion.

The locked accounts when purchases are disputed is to prevent fraud and makes sense to protect everyone.

The locked accounts at envato’s discretion is something that only envato staff would be able to comment on. I know they do not do this without cause, but there’s no way of knowing what that is. I am afraid that you will not be able to get clarification in these forums.

I don’t think spamming on forums is good idea in any way, but now I understand why people do that… When you receive “will not be re-enabling your account” it feels weird and then you get really mad. What should I have done to be treated like this? Not using gmail anymore?

Perhaps it’s just a systematic error, but being involved in all gives you an idea how insignificant you are…

Don’t ever change your registered mail address, because that’s were envato’s discretion ends. I have nothing to hide anyway, they could ask me questions to clarify about the issue, but they didn’t. Just locked me out. No one cares as long as this doesn’t happen to them.

Three times.

Update. Account was unlocked, one of envato guys just told me that is was a security measure. So, you can expect such things to happen. Thanks for your replies.


Get well soon!