Account has been locked

We are facing an issue with our account. We are completely unable to access our account and the theme we paid for. We followed the steps and contacted support and our ticket No. is 3004638 but still no reply from their end. Is there not a quicker and most effective way of having such issues resolved? We have clients on our back and all they want is their work done. See attached.

Please help!!

Sorry to hear you’re having troubles with your account. Pplease keep patience. They will reply as quickly they can. Thanks

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The issue isn’t replying when they can. I perfectly understand that they may have a lot of work but what about us? how about the delivery of our work to our various clients? Please is there not another way of having this resolved?

We do not understand why we should be locked out of our account after paying for a theme. I can see several colleagues here with the same issues for months now and have not been resolved.

Please do help us!