Account disabled after PayPal payment



Hi, I’m an editor in chief of music magazine Kinkyowl. I’ve decided to buy a new Wordpress theme (Barcelona) earlier that day, but didn’t have an active PayPal account. I asked my collegue to proceed the payment, as he have one. He did it using his account, which is linked with e-mail address, the same one listed in the attached screenshot.

I was unpleasantly surprised after logging in, when I discovered that my Envato account got disabled. Still considering
it not a big deal, I asked the owner of that email address to confirm ownership of that particular PayPal account, but… he didn’t received the email mentioned in the alert. Can I ask you to resend that one or just contact me, so I can confirm that I’m working with him?

Support ticket is already created, ID 486318. I need access to those files as soon as possible.


Hey dude,
you put your colleague’s (Mateusz D.) Paypal account at risk when you give his email address in forums. A chief editor should know this.
Just my two cents.