Account and Credit

Does this website, have an actual customer support? I Have sent 3 emails in that Ticket request regarding $40 that is missing in my account as refund credit and it disappears. meanwhile, they do not answer any of my emails, the theme provider deactivates his theme in my WP dashboard and Envato suck my money, meanwhile, nobody answers any ticket. So I wonder, what the heck?!

If you haven’t been using the credit, after some time, the credit expires. This is a quite common issue within the system but usually after contacting, they could put it back to your account. It may take some time though.

About the theme, the theme may be removed by Envato or the author. After you purchased the theme, you should’ve downloaded immediately. If you haven’t downloaded, you may be able to ask refund but if you download the item already, there may be not much things to do.


Hi @k1realtor,

Please don’t create multiple ticket which will delay the reply process.
currently support team experiencing a high volume of enquiries and response time could be some delay. Please keep patience and I hope they will reply as quickly they can.


Okay, no can you reactivated that credit pls.


When did you get the refund and was it for the WP theme that was deactivated?