Accidentally delete song files while uploading other song???

This makes no sense. Obviously… I’m new here. Please help me understand this.

I had my first song approved and released. I decide to upload a second song. I see the first song files have populated the “upload data” section of the new second song. I click delete. MISTAKE!

Now the files for the approved track have been deleted from the approved song while working on a separate upload. How and why is this even possible?!? My first song had a sale… I hope the client was able to download this track before my mistake. I have corrected this and uploaded the original files to track one again… but they must be reviewed again. What in the world is this mess? GAH!

Anyone else understand this? Any insights appreciated.

Your track is still there, don’t worry…
It’s called “All or Nothing”, right? :slight_smile:

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I thought about it during lunch… i did open that tab, and perhaps the deletion took place there by accident. I have done stupid things before. Still, I would have appreciated a warning! YOU ARE ABOUT TO SCREW UP SIR. lol

Anyway… C’est la vie. Just curious why that was allowed to happen without warning.

Here is an example of what I’m talking about and why it’s confusing.

Why does this list files from A DIFFERENT SONG automatically. Earlier this happened, and when I “removed” those files from the new track… it seemed to delete them from my active and approved first track. Maybe I’m wrong and it didn’t… but it’s confusing.

The files you see there have nothing to do with the files a customer gets when they download an approved track. Those are just temporarily stored on their ftp server.

No need to worry. :slight_smile:

You can delete them as soon as you’ve hit Submit.