Accidentally bought a project license


I just activated my subscription for the monthly fee and downloaded a web template, but it asked for a project name for a project license. Now i’m being billed ~$217 instead of the $17 i was expecting.

Any help appreciated? It didn’t say anywhere that i was signing up for an extra $200! :frowning:

Hi @marcvanhoof,
In this case I believe it would be best idea to contact with Envato support by:

I hope they will be happy to assist you.


$16.50 is the monthly price if you pay up front for a year, otherwise it’s $33 a month.

Don’t download anything else and contact support, they should be able to help… Envato Elements Help and Support

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Thanks - that makes a lot of sense now because that’s 198 + 10% GST in Australia, so that adds up.

So what is a ‘project license’?

That’s just to make sure your usage of the item is registered, and to make sure the author of the item gets their share from the Elements revenue.