Accessing Old WooTabs Plugin Files - from inaccessible account

Hey there!

Here’s the situation: This plugin is being used on one of my client’s sites. (You can see it’s no longer available for purchase.)There’s an issue somewhere–maybe with this plugin, maybe not–that’s causing all entered content in the WooTabs section of each product to disappear when the product WordPress admin panel is saved. Not ideal.

A WP plugin page for what I thought might be this one has a download available that doesn’t correspond with the plugin active on the current site. I’ve messaged the plugin developers for the plugin active on the site, and they haven’t responded to me.

For as long as I’ve been maintaining the site, an update hasn’t been available for the WooTabs plugin currently active on the site environment. I wanted to see if there was another version of the plugin files available in the Envato account of the person who purchased the plugin initially (to be sure I had the most up to date version). That person doesn’t work with my client anymore, so I have license key details for this plugin, the login email for Envato but not the login password for Envato.

The next thing I’m going to do is deactivate plugins one at a time on my staging environment to see if it’s another plugin causing the issue. In the meantime, my questions are these:

1. Is there a way that I can check out my client’s Envato account if it has an email address that no one uses or can access?
2. If you have any experience with the WooTabs plugin–has this disappearing content issue ever happened to you? If so, did you solve it and how?

Thanks for reading! Have a great day :slight_smile:

  1. No

  2. As well as checking each plugin you need to make sure the WP installation, hosting PHP etc. are also all up to date.

The last update for the Wootabs plugin was July 2017 so if you have been using a copy since then, then you are up to date. However, the plugin says that it support sup to WP 4.7 which could almost certainly be causing problems.

Can you access the login email which you have?