Access to Yena theme support

Hi all,

I need to ask few questions to YENA support team, but Envato Elements does not allow me to write to them because it doesn’t provide a purchase cose for the item, even though that item is inlcuded in the subscription I PAID to Envato.

I dont think is fair to me to pay an extra licece of YENA Theme on Envato Markets in order to be able to send them a support ticket to YENA team, because I am already using their theme as it is included in my membership.

Please help me to get in touch with them!

Many thanks

You need to purchase the item to get the support. You get what you paid for - you paid for the item and you got the item. If you need support, you need to purchase your own copy instead of paying less than 20$ monthly to access hundreds of the items. It’s a fair request from the author.

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