Accepted or Rejected?

I hope that accepted for sell flyer because my design is good I love it.

Please feedback my flyer thanks :smile:

who knows. that is a good question. I like the winter letters but date (31 dec) lacks detail.

Ok, I make it, change fonts special winter :slight_smile:

Now yes, I update my flyer :slight_smile:


Yes, not bad, but personally l think that it will get rejected!

You have too many colors on your fonts, and some are hard to read.

You should have some motion blurr on the ice.

But the main reason would probably be the model interplay with the winter text box.

Just doesn’t work too well, especially since you cannot sell the model with the product, which means the customer needs to buy a model holding her hands out. So even if it got accepted, fair sales is probably the best you could get with this one?

Sorry to be a party pooper! Others have had their work canned becuase the model formed too much of an integratel part of the overall design, so.

But the motion blur on the snow looks good.


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A question, Do I can remove I already submit my design this flyer? I need make again as you says. Regards. :slight_smile:


Well, if you send this in and it gets rejected, then you can resubmit, but l wouldn’t without substantial changes first!

The less changes you make the higher your chances of another rejection and possible damage to your account?

Good luck! :ghost: :sunglasses:

If it is for a club party, change the photo of the beautiful lady. She need some club wear :wink:

Btw, I love the ice cubes floating about. That is nice. Also maybe ‘Winter’ text add some frosting effect.

Good luck with submission :slight_smile:

Many thanks to all for help me :slight_smile:

I wait more days come my email if rejected I again make it and submit :wink:


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