Accepted or Rejected my flyer?


Hi to all:

Now Yes it’s better my design I hope that like it, regards.



First one might get rhrough, the second should get accepted, (just as long as the quality is there) and the third, probably not!

The reason for the third getting canned, is the header text is just too hard to figure out!

Good luck!



hi, in my view all are cool and all should make it , it has a potential to sell in my opinion …


hi Shane, honestly , i do not really know why the third one should be canned … this is original , in a style that only MonkeyBox is more or less into and there’s noting really wrong about it, even if i personally think that the preview image of the guy is not the best choice that he could ever have made indeed …


Hi Nico, fair enough, but in my opinion the V is borderline, and the E is over the line.

Three horizontal lines, nah!



lol yes but for me cannot be a hard rejection , just a soft one for this … lol


Hello everyone. Thanks for the comments. I did general improvements