accept what you buy as it is or request custom one

first my English is skk and u r readying total newbi topic so excuse me and lets get start :rage: :
i got free time this year i still don’t remember how did i start making free website for my friends for fun and passing time,
how ever in last few months i was really struggling BCZ i know 0% about this kind of things,
i remeber also i bought theme just bcz it was look beautiful i didnt even know what is theme at that moment, so i try to inistall but it didnt work and also the function wasn’t what i was looking for than i jumped in review and write (this #@$% dont work and i give 1 star) how ever after few hrs youtubing i found i was inistall it wrong way and it wasn’t the theme category for my web i felt i was so rude to someone who put hard work to earn, so i went back and change to 5 stars and told myself i will give everythining i buy 5 stars and never give any negative comment from now no matter how it is and i should except it as it is bcz in the end its my low acknowledge to be blame :joy: (im not talking only about this web only)…