Accept or Reject?

Hello dear audio junglers, would you please take a moment and listen to my inspirational (just kidding’) Christmas track and tell me if you think if its good to go for the review or not, so I simply wound’t really have to make the long queue even longer, and I might be missing/not hearing some of the flaws this track has.

Thank you! <3

I think it’s good enough, but with strings. Mine was rejected a few days ago and was really proud of that one. Can’t figure it out. Go for it anyway!

So do the strings suck? Maybe I have to fire the orchestra that I’ve hired? :slight_smile: I used Native Instruments Action strings for this one :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply btw!

Hi :smile: )
0:09; 0:49; 0:58 something wrong with harmony. May be bass note or some dissonanse with drum sound.


maybe chnage the harmonies from 0:16 in a major key?

the only thing that can make this track rejected is the strings ! dont use action strings for happy music ! Action strings are for Actions Faster arrangements ! thats why they named it action :smiley:
try to use the same chord progression with another library !
hope that helps !

To me the lead strings would be better either with a different orchestral preset or more in legato… but I’m not a pro at this so you can ignore me XD

Any opinion matters :slight_smile:

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Good ears :slight_smile:

How much you pay for my bet?:))) Just joking:) The name of the topic is similar to bookmaking slogan:))) I’m agree with I agree with the previous authors statement about strings…sounds like in any Russian serials (sorry for this comparison) :slight_smile: Try to use Symphobia or Cinematic Strings, sound much better!!

No money no honey for those kind of strings. and I do not support piracy :). As well as I have a good feeling that even if I buy those strings that you’ve mentioned the track might still get rejected.

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Yes, everything is possible of course. But in general, I liked your song

Thank you! I think I will take the main viola the one that played the melody and swap it with a clarinet, it might give it a better sound :slight_smile: (less strings lol)