Abusive comments

I am receiving a load of abusive comments on my item and Envato not doing anything about it… What to do ?

You have to report them as it won’t automatically be removed!

You must write as soon here about this abusive comments, because it’s spam!

@crivion I reported few but I am not able to do that any more.

@MassDream I reported it already but no response :frowning:

That’s an impressive number of comments!!


I think you might hold the record there :wink:

We’ll get onto removing them asap :slight_smile: No need to send in a ticket.

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You can also Click on flag at each comment and explain why you feel this comment should be removed. You must be quiet and wait until the moderators will solve this problem. All will be ok!

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There’s about 200 comments there. Don’t worry about flagging them all. We’ll push the big red button :slight_smile:

:joy: :joy::joy: :rose: I took a screenshot to show off. thank you :smiley: My ticket ID is 411853.

@MassDream Yep, But that would take me an hour to do. :smiley: I think @dtbaker got this

Ok!Good Luck! :wink:

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