Absolutely biased work checks!

Hello everyone!
I am sure that the administration will loudly ignore my messages, but I can not remain silent.
More than a week ago, I uploaded seven logo templates for review. All were rejected. All! 100% of the added work. Are they so bad?
But the worst is not this.
One work (Chieflogo) was stolen from me and uploaded for sale on this site at the beginning of the year. I wrote to the author-thief and the work was deleted.
I talked about this situation in a comment on the logo template, but it did not help!
Explain to me - how can a stolen logo take to sales,
and when the author adds an original work and tells the inspector the history of this work, is it not interesting for the envato?

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nice logos :slight_smile:

Unfortunately inspectors think differently!

hi these logos are pretty cool in a general way , they re not absolutely perfect but these are cool works in my view. Though i suggest that u pay attention to colors as for “bee” in the bee logo which basically means that u do not have readability and contrast as well. Globally the typo part is a bit flat and lacks slight touches of originality. For the fight logo, there is a small issue of imbrication between text and illustration. For the game reality , the name looks strange as u cannot find “game” inside and the grey colors is either coming out of the blue and also may not be the best match, think about complementary colors, color shades and also theme associated colors. For the speed one, for me there is a lack of reflecting the speed in the text part in the first place and he typo may not be the very best match possible, i assume that u could have found something matching more and more original as well, pls keep in mind that typo is much of an issue here , no matter what is the category where u are posting

Thank! I would argue with you in many ways, but these will be long posts :slight_smile:
And what can you say about the situation when the Indian was stolen from me and was accepted for sale. After my indignation, this logo was removed a little later.
And so when I upload my original work - it is rejected!

hi , what are u talking about?! if u were knowing who u are talking to, you would know that the same thing happened to me on regular basis and that people either copied my style very awkwardly and had their copies accepted when my initial ones had been hard rejected ; or, worst again, some people downloaded illegally my things changed something very superficially and tried to repost my thing as theirs …
the bottom line is that if someone underlined the flaws of the reviewing system this is definitely me , so i really believe that u have no idea about who u are talking to …
in addition, if u have to argue don’t blow it, do it … as for me i maintain that u have a good base to work with but that things are not perfect and that they could be slightly better with bringing the improvements that i mentioned (now u are free to not to follow if u do not want to have the thing accepted one day … but in this case i am wandering why u come to ask here and make people dedicate some time for nothing)… i tend to believe that i know what i am saying as i have been a designer for 16+ years

Thank you for taking the time to my topic. I will take into account what you said.
I want to note that my experience in design is not much less than yours, so I’m not new to this business.
I agree that there may be technical or compositional errors. But the situation with the first logo simply does not lend itself to any logic, which is why I created this theme.