About withdrawals payonner payment


First i have set up payoneer account in envanto but this account is not approved then after i have one account and fully approved.

so how can i set up fully approved account ?

When i open withdrawal page then following message:


We’re currently waiting on confirmation for Payoneer of your account being set up. This can take up to 24 hours. If you haven’t received an email in that time, contact support.

so this message from last payoneer account which is not active.
so i want to change and keep approved account

Please help me

Don’t they offer an option to specify your Payoneer account details? All the services (that use Payoneer) I had experience with, offer a way to setup a new account via their website, or enter details of existing Payoneer account.


I have added details but account is not approved…

Now i want to link other payoneer account to envanto

Is there a reason why the first one wasn’t approved that could result in the second one not getting approved as well? Still… you need to speak to support and/or Payoneer support. Might be worth waiting the 24 hours though.