About Uploaded 3D Files

I have about 911 files. I will upload all of them. But how many must be loaded at one time? You will examine all.

You submit one item at a time, and generally, they are reviewed in the order they are uploaded… although there can be some variation in review times if you have items in different categories. So yes, there’s nothing wrong with uploading 911 files, and all 911 files will be reviewed… although if they’re not up to standard, and you’ve had hundreds reviewed without success, it might be worth deleting or altering any that are still in the queue if it’s clear they won’t be approved.

Although it’s pretty rare, and from what I can tell it’s usually only on Photodune, there have been a few instances of people having their uploads limited if they’re constantly uploading large numbers of files that are getting rejected all the time.

I guess you could always upload 20, see how you get on… and then based on what gets approved and what doesn;t get approved… you can use that information to figure out your approach for the other 890 files. I mean, that’s a lot of thumbnails and preview images to crete in one go.

You are right. I’ll start by loading 20 files first. Then I will wait for your reply. Thank you.

There are also scenes in the files I will upload. But they only prepare it as a .max file. I will request a minor refresh on the site since you are not allowed to upload without the .obj file while loading the model.
Thank you.

Best Regards
Semsa Bilge