About UI Design Help File


Sorry for second topic in a day.

I made a user interface design for iphone. What I will write in help file?

The most important question;

I used “outer glow” and “shadow” effects on shapes. Is it wrong? Customers can use this?


I think that you can make a design “Flat”, Do you understand it?



Sorry. I didn’t understand it. Flat how? Like flatten layers? Can you link here a simple image?


For example design as windows 8 have flat, I add image as like:

Do u Understand me? :slightly_smiling:


So I cant use “blending options” :frowning: I got it now. thx


Sorry, what is “blending options”? I don’t understand it :frowning:


Man are you kidding me? U don’t know blending options and you giving answers to me!!! please!