About trend?

Hi everyone )

questions about such badge as trend??

what affects on the trend
Can I get the trend the second time on the same track
When can I get a trend? For the first week or at any time

Thanks in advange for your answers and have a good day)

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The same item can get the “trend” marker many times. There are more chances in the first week, but it is possible at any time. I have the item that got the trend marker 5 times. But, as I know, it’s more difficult to get this marker on audiojungle than videohive. 90 % of my items got the trend marker at the first week.

But trending… There is something wrong with this algorithm. It makes almost no effect on sales in my case. It’s only kind of meter.

It probably does have a positive effect on sales, but that effect might be minimal. I only say that as you have the ability to search by trending, so some people will… and then that item will be featured in the list. If they didn’t have a trending feature, then the item would have to rely on searches relating to sales, or being old or new, or price, or best match etc. So yeah, it might only have a minimal effect on sales, but I guess it’s better to be trending than not.

As for how it’s calculated… nobody knows for sure, the secret recipe is locked in a vault in the Envato dungeon, but it;s something to do with sales, views, possibly comments, how many people add it to collections and favourites etc. And as already mentioned, yes, it can trend multiple times.