About the WPLMS theme


I’m on the verge of buying this theme to use it as a training platform where learners could register courses and they may offered discounting in forms of coupons or bundled courses, but I have the following concerns:

  1. What’s the license should I buy in this case, the regular or the extended, and is it annual payment or what?
  2. How far the theme supports the Arabic language in terms of interface and content translations?
  3. How far the theme offers integration with other systems (Moodle, Drupal or any other Web applications)?
  4. Does it implicitly offer using SCORM?
  5. Does it implicitly offer using Assignments in courses?
  6. Does it support scheduling exams for groups of learners?

Best regards,

Any respond about my request above please?!

It seems unlikely that something out of the box will cover all this but you need to check in with the author using item comments

Thanks a lot Charlie, I will do this.