About the Rewievs Queue

What is the recommended about the song number in queue? At moment my five songs (song, fx, logo) in queue.

You mean this?

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No. I wonder same time how much track (song, logo etc.) i can upload?

Example : You can’t upload 10 track same time. This is not recommended because bla bla…

It depends on the approval ratio of your submissions - if 70% or more of your last 20 submissions have been approved then you can upload up to 30 tracks per month; otherwise you are limited to 2 tracks per month.

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already i am limited 2 tracks per month. is this problem caused by my account type? i am new.

I doubt it is the account type, but I don’t know how the ratio is calculated if you have fewer than 20 submissions. I assume the threshold would be 70% of however many tracks you have submitted. So if you had submitted 4 tracks and 3 were approved you would be above the threshold, but if only 2 were approved you would be below the threshold. I am guessing that is how it works. And I don’t know what the limit is when you have 0 submissions.