About the review

Hi guys!
See if you can help me with this query:

I have a couple of songs ready to submit for review of I’m not sure what category I put them.
That’s because, in my opinion, have rockers nuances, sometimes jazzy, sometimes remember a little blues and a big band formation.
Detective topics are a bit like “Late Night” metals winds and rhythm.
I wanted to know what happens if you upload an item to a category that is not, but has potential to be included in the catalog.
It is then rejected? or revising it redirects it to the appropriate category?
Thanks for your support in advance luck to all!

Hey Realitybeats

I have one experience of this happening. I uploaded a song and put it for the “country and western” category and after it was accepted it was put into “childrens” category. Sometimes it is not so easy to pick a category so I think this would happen a lot.


Thank you so much for responding!
You have shed light to my darkness! :wink: XDD
That means that if I’m wrong will not happen anything wrong, yeaah
Thanks for sharing your experience, has helped me a lot!
A greeting!