About the quality.

Got a response from the reviewer:
This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.
I do not mind. But in this particular case I do not understand why the quality does not correspond.
Be kind to listen to me and point out to me the mistakes. Your answers are very valuable for me.


The sound is good but It is too repetitive to my taste

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The idea is to ostinato. I’m interested in the reason why the thing did not pass.

I like the sounds and the atmosphere, I can see it working for horror trailers and the like. I’m guessing one reason for “commercial” rejection is the lead synth that comes in at 0:36. Everything sounds very dark and serious and gritty, but this synth is a bit “cheesy preset”. I would recommend finding a more aggressive, dirty synth sound. That’s my best guess, but who knows!


Going was such that the top theme imitated the violin part. Dirt is enough in percussion and in lower parties. This is an artistic idea.
OK! And how is it possible to revise this track on Envato?

Every once and a while I get a rejection of a track that I perceive to be high quality. Since music is subjective, there’s usually not a single piece of feedback that will ‘fix’ a track. It may not even need fixing.

If you make enough modifications to where it would pass as a ‘completely new’ track, then you’re allowed to submit again.

Related pro-tip: never submit two things in a row because you might get a reviewer who doesn’t like your style and rejects both.

As I was told “quality is a relative concept”. in the track is definitely needed "pit"to the second part to enhance the effect of the emotions.

This synth sound like 80’s horror. John Carpenter for example. So it’s not a mistake to put him here, it’s artistic choise.

I think that main problem is repetitive.