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Ok newbie here… What program do I have to use to edit an ebook template from Praxis? Thank you for your help.

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my flyer has been rejceted

hi as for i could understand , people are not expected to disparage other people works, right? and they are supposed to push authors to create original items, is that it?

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New item category more difficult. Not chance.

More hard… please update new item category.

I Hope that in the Design Presentation there is a Social Media Post category, especially in the IG Post. Because customers are now turning to Ms. PowerPoint in Graphic design editing The picture below is my work adjusting the design of my presentation to IG Post, I do it all using Ms. PowerPoint, not Other Software

I also feel that way, some items that I uploaded in my account were rejected by reviewers, but when I gave them to other authors and uploaded them to their account, then the items were received, this is something strange, at least that’s what I felt

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I wonder too. I wonder if they don’t like the profile name I use. I tried for 2 months and learned to read the rules, so far none of my work has been approved in graphicriver.

I think lot of us are too care for the design and less for file prelaration, order and help file, which i think are very, very important for reviewers.
Anyway, this is just a thoug… Because i have seen (and personally tested) too that sometimes they look for something “abstract” :slight_smile:

talking about what slicies said… I ear that before from a friend, but i never believe … Until now.