About the codes I want to sell;

First of all, I want to sell my preloader package on CodeCanyon, but my package is not approved, and I took a break and now I want to add it again. The reason for its rejection is that the prealoders do not have a demo page, if there is a demo page, the codes will be able to be stolen. I want to add a sample video of preloaders. why does codecanyon require a website for css code?

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Especially when it is about coding (template/theme/module/add-ons) without live preview demo any customer will not be interested to purchase the item. So, Envato review team have to check the live preview demo.

Hello again, Will only moderators see the live preview?

when it is in review process (before approve/publish) only the review team can see. After getting approve/publish everyone will be bale to see the demo.

Worth noting that without the demo the original submission was probably not reviewed.

For something as basic as preloaders where there are literally thousands they can be downloaded for free, easily; you are going to need bring something quite unique in terms of design etc. to get it through.