About The Audio Jungle And YouTube

i have a question before starting a youtube channel , hello friends i am going to start a youtube channel and i choose a audio from audio jungle , before buying it i have some question ,
1 which licence is for youtube channel
2 after purchase single time , how many time i can use this audio on my youtube video , and videos for monitization ( i mean one buy for one track , can i use this audio for all my video as a background music )
this is the track i choose , https://audiojungle.net/item/eastern-charm/123502
i am going to start a drone view video and using this audio so please help me experts
i tried to read ruls regulation but don’t understant
sorry for bad english

Hello @Nabeelly218. 1) The Music Standard License covers web usages like youtube, no matter how many views the video gets. 2) You can use the licensed track in 1 video, exept it’s a series of videos that are sequels, let’s say you split the records of your drone flight into several video parts, that would be covered.
I hope that helps you, have fun while filming :slight_smile: