About Tax.. Can i get refund..?

I am here after long long time… yeah still alive but had some personal issue…! That’s why i did not put my Tax information in time… Sorry. Because of that system thought that i am from US maybe. So it deducted some bucks as tax from my both account ( imaginext ) & ( sbjewel ) with every sell… But i am not from US… What to do… ?

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Tax is most of important thing all of Envato Author. You must have to fill-up w-8 form as a non-us author.
Read this article about tax information US & Non-Us author.

hope helped!

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That means i am not gonna get refund those bucks which are deducted mistakenly from my both account… ?

no, already collected tax are not refundable. As soon as you will submit the form with your TAX information then only tax will be taken for US sale and TAX percentage depends on your country.
US Tax Treaties:


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Cold Hearted System… :frowning:

Actually tax which has already collected those amount for IRS. tax collected by enato but take IRS (the US tax authority). So, every non-us author should to submit tax information For reducing US backup withholding tax. As soon as you will submit the form with your TAX information you will be able to save your bucks. Thanks

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Hope this type of issue won’t happen again… I already submitted my info… Thanks Both of you… :slight_smile:

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In March every year you receive a summary of already paid US withholding taxes from Envato. This document you can use to receive a tax refund/tax credit from your tax authorities when you file your annual tax return in your country but that depends on your domestic tax rules on foreign paid taxes.
Better you ask a tax advisor in your country about this process.

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LOL this is ok for all multinational companies to make profits in all the countries without paying taxes but small authors with small gains have to pay taxes, obviously … a very cool system lol not to mention that to get back taxes and so on as u mentioned it takes u to have an accountant … u will spend almost as much as what u can get back, without even considering the time u will waste, neat! lol

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Agree with you…I am not gonna do any further action about it… It will cost me more time and money… Envato system becomes weird as far as i saw after long time… So many new stuff… So many rules… Missing the old web layout of all marketplaces also… :frowning:

@imaginext … sbjewel … is that you?! Man, it’s been ages! How have you been! I still remember you from the old forums! :smiley:

this is made by them and for them buddy … if u are not convinced, just have a look at the reviewing system … this is too long and they cannot provide authors with feedback because too “costly” lol , the real deal is that they prefer giving shareholders and investors a huge amount of money rather than hiring a few additional reviewers and give the due respect to authors … not to mention that trashing their work in a second without giving reasons is convenient , they can do whatever they like without having to justify what cannot be anyways …

when they moved to usa, there were supposed to have huge improvement for authors sales lol well the bottom line is that no one seems really amazed with how “boosted” sales turn to be … anyway promises are made for people who are credible enough to believe in them … lol

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Multinationals don’t sell on Envato as far as I’m aware, but if they did, they’d have tax withheld just like everyone else. And if you’re managing to submit your taxes without an accountant then there’s nothing stopping you from ‘getting your taxes back’ (offsetting the amount paid against the amount due) without an accountant as well.

who said so ?! u can say this if u did not understand what i said , if u wish but this is not very honest intellectually speaking … as for getting it back for all the people without having accountant, oh really we can?! u know if all people are already 100% fluent in english to submit their documents in the first place?! i do not think so … as for the one who can still do , u know about the situation of every one?! their global instruction level, the fact that they maybe staying in a foreign country or whatever other kind of “unusual situation” so that they can do what u mentioned?!

my further reply … obama and trump supported US multinational companies making profits everywhere and doing tax evasion in all the concerned countries … on the other hand , all very small earners dealing more or less directly with usa have to pay a tax to irs , here … so where 's the logics in all this? u think this is fair? i do not think so , the companies that we talk about make billions of profits, authors here , for most of them only get pocket money that are even lessened with this politics …

That’s why I said ‘if you’re managing to submit your taxes yourself’ already. That eliminates anything with regards to English levels, submitting documents, foreign countries, global instruction levels and unusual situations. It’s just a different box on the form. A form which will be in the language of the country you’re filing your taxes in. There’s plenty of reasons why somebody might have trouble completing their tax returns, but i can’t think of any that would allow somebody to complete a tax return without being able to complete the section on foreign earnings and foreign taxes withheld.

As for the US companies ‘doing tax evasion’, that’s usually due to loopholes in the law with regards to where you make the money and where you pay tax. Loopholes that are available to everyone to be fair (although at a price), but it’s slightly outside the context of withholding tax on Envato.

as for me i am not a english native and never got any form in may native language and as so for i know same went for some people … and dealing with administration in a general way is difficult even in our native language so basically in another one, the thing is getting worse, besides at the time i did this there was also no online form as far as i can remember … anyways , hopefully things changed and they are better now

as for your loopholes oh yes we should accept that people who make tons of money are quietly escaping when those who hardly make some are having fees LOL in any case, the fact of the matter is that if the move of envato to usa was profitable that was certainly not for authors, this something that a lot of people fail to see ! LOL

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You don’t need a form in your native language. You know how much you’ve had withheld, the form is only to prove that… and if your country has a tax agreement with the US then they will accept that form.

As for the loopholes… it’s the governments and the lawmakers fault, and of course it’ wrong and it needs to be fixed. Until they do, it’s not really the companies faults. If Envato had a button you just had to press so no tax was withheld… would you do it? Same thing… people do whatever they can to avoid unnecessary outgoings and you can’t blame them. People will continue to do so as long as it’s not illegal. Sure, some will do it whether it’s illegal or not, but that’s a difference story. Tax avoidance/tax evasion.

Yeap… It’s me… I know why you can’t forget me…! :wink:

I don’t? What did I do?!?! :joy:It’s been a long time mate! :slight_smile: