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Hello, I have been a subscriber to Envato for 10 years, and recently I added a product that I sold 5 times, but I was surprised that the tax deducted was high, and after a while I found that my account had been completely emptied. I want someone to explain the financial matters to me with precision, and all thanks and appreciation.

Envato withholds tax which is something they are required to do by law and that tax can be between 0% and 30% depending on the tax treaty between Australia and your country (Envato is Australia based company). Everything you want to know about tax is listed here.

Your account emptied because what you earned is deducted to be sent to you and then you are to receive that amount on payout day. You can read here how it works after latest update.

If you have any doubts regarding tax or payment, you can always contact Envato support team here.

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Thank you very much. This was a nice help from you, so I would like more advice about selling on Envato, if you would be so kind, as my profits are very small and I would like to benefit from the expertise of professionals like you.

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I can not call myself an expert, but I can try to help. What I would recommend is to keep an eye on new trends, what is in demand at the moment and also trending items. Scroll through market, see what new you can offer. Whatever you are making, it should be unique, easily customizable and targeting a larger customer base. Other than that, marketing matters. Keep promoting your items through social networks, create catchy posts with links, videos about your items, make them fun to watch and reach that way people who didn’t even know they need those items.

Thank you so mutch

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