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Hi, how can we see who has reviewed our files that have been declined or approved? I think it’s time for transparency. In many places on the web, authors complain about rejected files because the reviewer is also an author who sells on the market and has no interest in competing with his projects. Is that so?

Also, very often for rejected files I do not get any accurate explanation of why, what is the reason.
The reviewer sends me a ready answer that is out of date!
Didn’t we start receiving an automatic watermark years ago when we uploaded the video review?
How can the reviewer argue with a hard rejection of my motion graphics with the fact that my video preview is with the old watermark. This is ridiculous, disrespectful to the work, especially of non-elite authors, who will thus never have a chance to progress.

I resubmitted the same file and it was probably accepted by another reviewer. And he has 30-40 sales!
What do you think?

Thank you!


Do you understand that this violates the rules of Envato? You are fortunate that the reviewer did not notice this and you were not banned


Now I think I understand.
Greetings to all!


Maybe this means that second reviewer acknowledgedmistake of first reviewer?
It’s time to do something. Every day, these requests increase.


The review process is pure hell, you should see how difficult it is on ThemeForest, it took me 1 hard reject and 16 soft rejects to get my first theme approved, I am literally traumatized and teriffied to create another theme, I still have nightmares about the reviewer.

The reviwer attitude was like ok I don’t give a s… just do this and that, I felt like I was not speaking with a human beeing but some type of advanced A.I. with zero empathy… they really don’t care since nobody is reviwing them they are like GOD in the Envato world!

This guys do not understand that we put our hard into our work, peronally I had the worst possible experience on ThemeForest, very depressing and because of all the abstract explanations from reviewer and the robot attitude I was unsure of me I got to a point that I felt that everything I did was wrong and this is a very bad thing!

Again horrible experience and I am a veteran here, I think for new authors is even worse.

I don’t expect this to change probably it will get even more difficult only the best of us will sell here on Envato… so prepare your self guys if you want to be part of Envato !


I honestly find your reply to be far from the truth, but I can understand your perspective. Let me break it down for you.

And you see this as not being normal? The entire idea is to produce quality files, that will sell, not to drop the overall quality of the entire marketplaces down for an empathic cause.

Reviewers are awesome, and when I started the frustrations I faced where the same, but the reviewers have the sole purpose here to maintain a high standard not to teach or guide. Imagine if they’d do that, the review queues would be weeks long and all they would do would be to teach.

In essence, a reviewer is not a teacher, he must not have empathy towards a product, and he must be unbiased towards authors. This is why Envato has reached the point it has. The review process is and should be strict.

As for reviewers, they are kind and awesome folks. Follow them on Twitter and you’ll see what I mean, they are just holding their jobs and Envato’s standards to a high place, and that is more than respectable.

And they shouldn’t understand mate. If they understand and accept your product purely on the effort you’ve put in, imagine the world of medicine, or airline industry, if everyone would feel bad for everyone for how much work they put in, this entire planet would be a huge beta filled with dangers.

Some items literally require 10 pages of explanations as to what’s wrong. That’s why hard rejections exist. Soft rejections get you details, and you can always contact Author Support and ask for more, but don’t expect a reviewer to take your hand and walk you into Envato.

Envato is a marketplace of professional authors, selling premium goods, it’s not meant to feel like a kindergarten where we can all play along and experiment to see if we can make the next Avada or not at the cost of buyers getting sub-par products.

I am a veteran here as well, and I’d like to point out that the things I learned from the review team made my freelance customers plentiful and recurrent due to the fact that I code to a certain standard that is easy to follow and maintain. Which in essence is what is asked from authors on CodeCanyon, on ThemeForest things maybe a bit different.

I couldn’t agree more! Prepare yourself. You are selling premium goods! This is not a game! This costs money, this is suppose to be rough, and tough, and is suppose to weed out authors that aren’t fit to release premium goods.

Reviewers have a tough job as is, trust me on that, and I respect the fact that they just hard reject products which don’t live up to expectations. I personally expect my reviewer to be a developer, and as a developer myself, if I see something that’s simply beyond repair, I’m not going to write 80 pages of why it is so. It’s not up to standards, sorry. If it’s only a bit off course, I can explain in detail what’s wrong.

Don’t take things to personally mate, I can and fully understand your point of view. At the end of the day, you’re one of the few that made it, and you made it because you always bettered yourself, and you did that because of rejections!

It’s all a matter of perspective!
Cheers mate! :slight_smile:


What if the second reviewer cut you some slack? Made a favor. Reviewers are not robots. There is still a “subjectivity factor”. You need to try to find mistakes in your work and not in the work of reviewers.


It all comes with experience and analytic skills. Item might be perfect from technical stand point, but useless for customers or unable to compete in its category. There are much more points to value despite of technical/visual quality.


Hi @uglyduckbg, I’m the Senior Videohive Reviewer, so allow me to shed some transparency on the situation.

After reviewing your recent hard-rejected files, there appears to be a mix of several category types encompassing motion graphics, stock footage, and video template project files.

I personally hard-rejected your most recent Matrix Code motion graphics files on the basis of marketplace saturation. A search of the term “matrix code” yields a result of over 550 MG items, many of which are aesthetically superior and executed in a more professional, polished manner.

As for your rejected stock footage items, all seem to have been warranted for low technical quality, subject matter, or poor composition, and the reviewers appear to have made the right decisions in regards to those clips.

Echoing what a lot of other responders have mentioned in this thread, the review process is handled by video professionals, who also happen to be human beings. Even though we have a list of technical review requirements and criteria to limit the amount of subjectivity in a review, because reviews aren’t handled via computer or algorithm, there will always be an inherent element of subjectivity in the review process.

We’ve never encountered a situation where a reviewer is acting nefariously to prevent certain content from reaching the marketplace. Not only are most reviewers non-Videohive authors, but the ones that were authors at some point are generally no longer active. Across the entire review team, I believe I’m the only member who still creates new content on a regular basis.

From my personal experience reviewing over the last 9 years, authors who incur chronic rejections tend to look for external reasons, or concoct excuses as to why their items aren’t making it for sale on the marketplace. But any accusation that the review team is engaged in something like limiting content to reduce competition with their own portfolios is empirically false.

Ultimately, rejections typically occur because an item simply didn’t meet current marketplace standards or expectations. It’s important to remember that these quality standards aren’t set by Videohive or Envato – they’re established by the authoring community. As certain authors continue creating higher quality content, the review team in general expects all authors to maintain that pace. In the end, it’s an authors’ responsibility to keep up with ever-increasing standards of their peers. The review team simply interprets the current standards at any point in time, based on established technical criteria and minimum quality expectations.


Hi MotionRevolver,
I understood everything. I am grateful for your full answer!
I learned from my mistakes, hopefully one day I will get better at my job.


Good topic! I also say that reviewers should be outsiders and not sell their music! Reviewers must be objective and honest !!!

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I’ve been tryed so hard to be an author for years It always made me sad to receive the same rejection email. I gave up and my motivation disappeared. but I shared 2 examples in the forum and my life has changed. comments on the forum were very harsh but it improved me. now all my templates are approved. I’ve been actively selling templates for 3 years. I understand the reviewers are very busy. They are on the right way so that the waiting time is not too long. I am very happy with the waiting time. motionrevolve explained everything in detail.