About review queue and breaks

Hello everyone!
Ok. At now - i can upload only five tracks at the same time. Only five tracks can be in queue.
And review queue speed now is two weeks - this is almost 15 days.
As example - now its monday. Im upload the track. On tuesday i upload another. On Wednesday ill upload third.
And when i upload a last track on friday…After this ill need to wait. Just sit down on my chair and just sit there until my review queue ends. Im not elite author.If review queue will be 15 days further so always will be a 10-day breaks. Im just roll deep down in ratings and my sells completely stopped when i just sitting and waiting when first track is reviewed. Of cource i can write new tracks in those empty for uploads days but i cant upload this stuff. SO it doesn`t make any sense.
Everything will be fine in one case - if queue speed will be a five days. But i think this is only in my dreams.

P.S. : May be this is just a panic of cource. Will see.

But the reduced number of tracks in the queue will mean that the queue will gradually decrease over time. I think it was 22 days before it was implemented, it’s now 14/15. Give it a few weeks and I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t be sitting around twiddling your thumbs for too long.

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I really don’t get it. More and more people complain about 5 items in queue. It’s one track every 2.5 days if you go analogy. I saw people writing 2 tracks everyday. For me as a composer this can’t be done. I mean seriously it’s wrong … either most of authors are super talented or most of their tracks are below average. For me the 5 item restriction is the best thing envato did. Now people will focus on quality and not quantity. Imagine a marketplace with almost all tracks are unique and properly produced. That means better marketplace, fair sales between authors and of course… MORE satisfied Customers.


Who knows who knows

Try a different category “Music Kits” :wink:

Now I can create more tracks that I can upload with new rules. It’s not good. But 22 days review time it’s very bad. That’s why I think that Envato did right that provided this new rules. I hope that quality of music will be better)

Firstly, every market starts out in an unorganized way, with only small players serving it, like in here. As markets expand, they get organized through consolidation and standardization. This process eventually results in the emergence of a handful of “full-line generalists” surrounded by a number of “product specialists” and “market specialists.” Contrary to the prevailing wisdom that they only occur when an industry matures or shrinks, such shakeouts often take place during market expansion.

Secondly, successful product or market specialists typically face only one direct competitor in their chosen specialty, but in case of AudioJungle it was broken with massive oversaturation of the market with a bunch of low-quality and self-copied product, so from the buyers point of view this site getting into flea market, with a lot of useless items, so no one can find pearl in this swamp.

Thirdly, if you as an author face excessive competition in your niche, you can move up to become supernicher.

Forthly, successful market growth (finding new markets for existing products) requires product strength, and successful product growth (developing new products for existing markets) requires market strength.

So in conclusion, my damn financial degree gave me the opportunity to look on this situation from the commercial angle, and to let you know that Envato staff making right steps for their growth as a company, providing\offering customers with more quality then a quantity service\product.

P.S. You know where the door is… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Do not upload every day. Take your time to create better tracks that will sell at least 100+ times. And you won’t need to upload every day.

Bazinga punk :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you make music only for Audiojungle? If so; why? I think its important to spread your music to other outlets, so my advice is: use those ten days to compose music for other libraries :slight_smile:

Truly in the right place, Sheldon!

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Honestly ? I understand all what you tell me. Just im worked on AJ across five years and upload a regulary. So may be my sales dont fall will see. Just i`m little bit panic about this.
I think how - if i begin upload five tracks theb bread 10 days and then again five tracks…You know…

SO like i said may be i`m create to many panic here.Because envato is b big company and i think they know what to do. Will see.
Thanks to all for ancwers.And good luck to everyone.! Cheers~!

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Wowwww let me find any burn healer for those words :stuck_out_tongue:
I really agree with your opinions mate :wink:

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I think it’s very good that the authors wrote 5 tracks filled them, and wrote the following five qualitative , not just everything, I think Envato made ​​a good decision ) ) )

Who knows… who knows

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this is my personal opinion :slight_smile:

I understand

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I am pretty sure copypaste spam conveyor is not the best marketing strategy on this market.

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@FASSounds Haha, thanks buddy. :slight_smile:
@_Blacksmith diversify your product. Try to sell on another stock market, so you will have income from another stock as well or create your own site. If you’re not from the Moon, it’s always an option.
@TitanSlayer TRUE MAN!
P.S. I’ll be back!


I hope so. It’d be great.