About regular license

I am the Author on Codecanyon,
I have Inventory application, i have provided one time purchase code use for installation for regular license and it will not allow to install second time.
In installation setup i mentioned One purchase code use for regular license.
Now the purchaser complaining he is installed application on development Machine now he wanted to move the application on production machine.

Can i allow him or restrict him.?
Please help me to know.
Thank you

if buyers saying seems to be true then you have to allow him. you can improve your license system to tackle this kind of situation by implementing licensing system where you can manage license remotely for particular system. so if it get activated on new system the old one will stop working.


you have to give them permission such things. If you maintain license using purchase code then your item should have deregister options so that customer can deregister the license from dev environment before moving to prodcution environment. Thanks


Thanks for your kind response.

Hi, Thank you for your valuable information. Thank you