About Purchase 1 Month subscribe package



Hello dear
If i purchase 1 month subscription, then i can download unlimited …?

  1. only from the items available from envato elements and NOT the entire envato marketplaces https://elements.envato.com/all-items

  2. depending on annual/monthly subscriptions you may be limited in terms of the items you can access https://elements.envato.com/pricing


Hello, sorry to ask… But I really got lost, created account only, because wanted to buy one single item and for personal use only, but here is asking for VAT number and I have no idea from where i can get it as i am private person and not company. DO i need have 1 month subscription to buy one item or possible without any long terms?


You would be better off finding the item on Graphicriver or the relevant marketplace as that way you get lifetime updates and support for 6 months free for a one off purchase which may be cheaper than a months subscription (depending on the item).

No you shouldn’t need VAT number unless you have one