About property Release form

I developed a 3d Character, and today it is approved in motion graphics category .

Here is the link:

I would like to do more with the character like business presentation animation and customise the outfit etc of this and bring it to after effects templete category .

I have no idea about release form, Do i need any release form? It is my own developed model and I have all the raw assets available of this model.

I notice some of after effects model contain "this model may not contain property released " why that show in some item?

Kindly let me know who have good knowledge in about it. thanks


You can check this:


do i need release form for my model? kindly check the character. i do not know weather it is recognizable face

sorry! check the link and I think you know better than me because it is your item.

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Afaik, release forms are needed if you show a real person, for example in a stock footage clip with actors, you need a signed release form from the actor that you are allowed to use his face to sell videos etc.

Unless your 3D model resembles a real person, you don’t need a release form.

Reviewers will let you know when a release form is needed, too.

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Thanks you for clarification